forage friday: yellow salsify

Well, I have interesting news. There is another wedding in the family and I'm helping with the reception.  Since this will be happen very, very soon...    I will not be making 500 zillion paper flowers. 😉     This week's forage is without a doubt a WEED! If you see this in your yard pick the flowers, … Continue reading forage friday: yellow salsify


forage friday: daisies

Last week I worked real hard a gathering my forage, not. I walked right out the front door with my dollar store scissors….. snip… snip...  snip. Voila! They look happy! After a week since I cut them, most of these daisies are still looking pretty good. You can often find them roadside or in naturalized … Continue reading forage friday: daisies

white cabinet: affordable metal top

Metal counter top, DIY alternative to stainless steel. Tips and tricks to give you fantastic results.

feeling lost about what's going on? catch up on the white cabinet posts: I love buying junk! salvaged cabinet continues the top! This was supposed to be a quick easy project (aren't they all?). Just clean and repaint an old kitchen cabinet turning it into a potting bench…. but then, the “Epiphany".  They always get … Continue reading white cabinet: affordable metal top

forage friday: sweet clover

    So we have a few Forage Fridays under our belt. We are driving forward with last week’s fun forage with a plant that grows in almost every continent. So, it’s easy for you to find.  It’s growing on every roadside and empty lot unless you are in the Antarctic. I use my picnic … Continue reading forage friday: sweet clover

forage friday: sweet rockets

Hesperis matronalis is an herbaceous plant species in the mustard family, Brassicaeae.

Friday is sharing day, on Facebook and Instagram, for whatever you were able to find such as fabrics, thrift store finds, plants, décor…. Last week I posted one of my favorite biennials. Yes, if you think it looks like purple mustard that is because it’s in the mustard family.  Like mustard it grows in very … Continue reading forage friday: sweet rockets