quick garden tip: diapers

  One of my best tips for container gardening is diapers, yes, disposable diapers. I'm sure you're thinking… really diapers? What makes a diaper so special? They hold fluid. That will help your plants have a ready supply of water on hot days. Commercial gardeners have been using the same crystal ingredients that are found … Continue reading quick garden tip: diapers


color splash & ombre vanity

This was supposed to be the Easter post because the vanity looks a lot like an Easter egg. Plans of mice and men…..   This project was as fun as it was colorful. I learned a lot about layering color and ombre.  I used my thrift store blender to make chalk paint out of some … Continue reading color splash & ombre vanity

basic flower gardening for newbies: biennials

Okay newbies and old hands at gardening, the gardening decoding is continuing. If you haven’t been including this type of plant in your garden, you really need to reconsider. They may like to reseed in unplanned spots but, their amazing traits can make up for their spontaneous ways.   Biennials are a funny group. They … Continue reading basic flower gardening for newbies: biennials

basic flower gardening for newbies: annuals

Flower gardening can be confusing when you first jump in. There are words like: annuals, perennials & biennials. It's like a secret code "The Gardener's" have. We're going to quickly cut through exactly what these terms are in a simple, easy to understand, way. It's really all about the sex, the true birds and bees. … Continue reading basic flower gardening for newbies: annuals

tool tip: tooth picks

tool tip day on the nut house co.

Tooth picks, yeah wooden tooth picks! Besides, getting gunky stuff out of tiny cracks in hardware safely without scratching, wood tooth picks have other non-dental uses. Hubby uses them to repair worn out holes in wood.  You know when that screw just doesn’t seem to tighten up? Or that screw seems to always back out … Continue reading tool tip: tooth picks