if you are here, it’s a miracle!

Yes, if you are here, it’s a miracle. This is my first post. So let’s get to it, this is a blog about our adventurers of this house and relocating to North Dakota. My husband and I have been here since 2011. Some of the posts will talk about years and projects passed and some will be more current projects.

If, we have been here since 2011, why am I just starting a blog? I didn’t know about them. Don’t get me wrong I knew about blogs, we have a friend who has been blogging for years about the strange places he visits, but I didn’t know about DIY house blogs.
The first year I was here, my youngest sister told me about a “new thing” she had seen on the internet, that she thought I might like. I had been decorating for weddings and craft-y person. She felt she would waste “too much time” with it on the internet, so she sucker me into it. Boy, was she right about the time-wasting, but I love it anyway. What was it? Yes, the evil time waster PINTEREST! But it linked me up to “my people”! People who’d rather spend time at junk shops, used book stores and thrift stores than Nordstrom’s. People who have closets, basements and garages full of unfinished projects and ideas.
Why didn’t I write a blog then? I was to busy with this house, family, life …… reading blogs…….and PINTEREST;)  Well, why now? You can blame Kristi over at  addicted2decorating.com, she replied to an email and suggested that I write a blog, so here we are.
This blog will be about things l love, crafts, decorating, house remodeling, furniture makeovers, etc. I’m so glad you are crazy enough to be here!
WARNING: This blog will contain misspellings, grammatical errors, etc…  hey creativity is messy, even in a blog.
Thanks for for your time,


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