I finally gave up and photos of where we started.

main floor: living room, southeast corner of house
main floor: entry and stairs, northeast corner of house

I finally gave up, yep, I did. When we started this house, I thought about paint colors, fabrics and finishes. We were keeping a buyer in mind, and painted accordingly. Now, I have given up on the mythical “buyer” because, we’ll never be done, we seem to be staying here.

Yes, we  are always crazily optimistic about remodeling. My hubby likes it done right. I want it done right now! and reality comes crashing in and we are years behind the original finish date!

Life has a way of never working out how you think, right?

main floor: dinning room, southwest corner of house


So, I’ve given up on selling this house. That’s awesome! Now I get to make it how I want. Check back and see it changing again and again. See some of the work we’ve already got done. We do move forward, just not as fast as HGTV.




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