bring Advil…

Bring Advil…     and all the other things I forgot bring to the last event, note to self.

When this blog is read by a gazillion readers , they’ll be fascinated to know what it was like before I became amazingly successful in the “blogosphere”, well here’s how it went down.

  1. the Advil: why Advil? because I’ve been known to kill my body the day or week before a any big event, weddings, trips, parties, gardening others people’s yards…    even parades! (you think I’m kidding about the parades, you don’t know me much yet)
  2. the camera: always at top of my lists and always forgotten! that’s why I have lousy phone photos on the blog
  3. the staples: that’s right, no staples!   staple gun√ but no staples for it… strangely enough, knowing I will forget stuff, I over pack, so I had push pins that corrected the staple debacle.
  4. the food: I know that was stupid, this is a list of doing “stupid”    running late I grabbed a fast food breakfast at a drive-thru and had a water bottle out of the cars emergency supply, aka ” junk I didn’t bother to unload from trunk of the car”.  A packed lunch and goodies would have staved off the hunger pains.         yes, food was at the event, but who wants to miss the potential sale of your “entire stock”, really …
  5. working screw gun: hubby packed the screw gun with a freshly charged battery. yay! battery was like ugggggg then died….   booo!     yep, I was turning the gun like a screwdriver during set up  (maybe that’s why I almost died from hunger?)

Of course, I survived. I was so astonished how fast the other ladies got set up and then, tore down, packed and left (I’m sure they ate, they had plenty of energy). Everywhere there were special pricey carts and fancy totes, that hubby would love.        No, not for me, I had real wood, metal, construction, grunttttt… heavy … these events are going to be my workout and a sales opportunity.


Confession, that was all for a 6’x2′ table. Sooooo, full speed ahead. The nuttiness must reign! Let’s go for a 15’x15′ booth, at another event I have never been to. Yep, I’m breaking the rule “never go to an event with out attending it first”.      Hopefully I’ll bring that camera. Someday I’ll do a blog post about all the “event rules” I have broken, followed by “blogging rules broken” and maybe “online store rules broken” …             you know it would probably be easier to follow “the rules” but not as memorable.

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