rope tubs as plant containers

Rope tubs as plant containers are a staple at the nut house. The tubs are sold at Target, Walmart, hardware store, etc. These containers were one of the first garden projects I did here.



The grandkids were living with us for awhile. I wanting a place for them to enjoy for the summer. On the deck we had their little wading pool and toys for summer fun, so a bright color theme worked. The container tubs allow easy movement of the plants, as needed, and the fun colors help liven-up the space. A small modification to these tubs has also solved a complaint “the hubby” had of water draining on the wood deck from planters. (Personally I’m not sure how that planter water is different from the snow and rain but there it is.) So I added a circle of left over 2″ foam board with drain hole punched through and a larger hole for pvc pipe to add water directly to the bottom. Hubby and I used a saws-all to cut the foam board. You can pick-up 2″ insulation foam board at any lumber yard.  Make sure the circle is a good fit other wise you will lose too much soil down the sides. The leftover foam pieces were left in the bottom for extra support for the top circle.

20130522115231Add the soil on top of the foam board. I can use much less potting soil with this modification making it lighter than if it was completely filled and no dreaded “planter water” draining on the deck. Ta da!

If you don’t want to mess with the foam board, just drill holes in the bottom of the rope tub and put some empty water bottles in it so you still use less soil and they stay light.

I stopped by the local green house nursery  and saw a beautiful chic tall black pot with 4-5 plants at most in the container in was $225.00. Yes, these rope tubs might not be the beautiful ultra modern pots or elegant urns of the magazines or Pinterest, but for $5 bucks a pop you can have a lot more cash left over for more containers, plants or       … deck chairs.  Happy planting.

begonia, monkey flower, impatiens, coloeuses in a big rope tub

frugal tip: look for extra savings by buying tubs in the fall in the clearance section for %50 off or more



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