tiny bedroom to office

the start


Tiny bedroom to office, we’re working on it. It is so small in here it’s hard to photograph. Surprisingly, the previous owners had it as an office and a bedroom.  These next three photos are from when we first started in 2012. Yeah, the thing on the wall….. by the window? I think it was a headboard. It’s actually a flannel shirt, on a board with batting. Mmmm… yeah.east-small-bdrmdoor-to-actic-in-east-room

This is a odd little room with real no closet. This is the door to the attic stair well. It has storage space at the bottom, but there is no heating in the attic. So, at 40 degrees below zero,  you don’t store your outfits for the day in it.  You don’t even want to open the door! We did used the room as a bedroom for my oldest granddaughter. Now that my daughter and her family have all moved out and it is becoming my office. Yay!



the kid bedroom years


My granddaughter and I striped the wallpaper and tore down the desk. I patched the walls, then primed and painted. She picked a turquoise color for the walls. Her bed had dark purple bedding. Around the room she had acid green accents . Yes, a very different color scheme, but with some gray and white thrown in, it  worked. As, a preteen, she liked it and she was soooooo over “the pink” at that age.


My granddaughter needed a closet. We used an old desk and mounted it on top of an old media cabinet from a thrift store. Then put a coat rod under the desk top for her hanging clothes. She used it for several years and her clothes weren’t frozen stiff.

These next photos are of each corner of the room before “the redecorating” to become the new office.


the desk top removed from her makeshift “closet” and her dresser was where the orange “cat chair” is now
her bed was under the window (this made her cat very happy)
the dark purple box with legs was her flip down desk my hubby made for her study time
corner where the head of her bed was my husband wants to know why I used this photo;)


She was a real trooper living in these tight quarters. We were often dragging boxes and luggage through her room to the attic. Some days, it was difficult wading through the “teenage-ness” filling the room. Now, we have her cat. He waits for her in the chair to visit, because to him it’s still their room.

I have been craving a little drama in this room, so keep stopping by to see what happens to it.

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