the secret garden tour

The Secret Garden Tour is held every year in Minot, ND., but it hardy a secret.  Men, women and children promenade through five gardens of their fellow community members “oooohing and ahhhing” along the way. Every year you get to see different gardens and the proceeds go to the Minot Symphony Orchestra. Great cause, plus getting to go behind the fence. What could be better? This year, I’m bring you too!

trellisBeside this little sign, isn’t this a great idea. A dead branch from a fir tree making an instant trellis for this morning glory. Definitely a “use what I have” moment for this gardener. In person the whole thing looked like one of those “tree of life” art pieces.

greenhouseI want a greenhouse like this. I have windows like these to reuse. There is very smart utilization of space in this small greenhouse. Rows of shelves line the three walls making a “U” as you walk in and giving plenty of surface for starting small seedlings. It’s placement in the yard is smart too. It gets lots of morning sun for growing, but shade in the afternoon, so the heat tends not build up, preventing the frying up of little seedlings.


Another clever idea. Strips of fencing used as trellis to give support to vine-y vegetables. The duck tape secures long small stake to the fencing plus a little fun color. I’m sure you put the stakes in first then add the fencing with the duck tape. Sweet and easy!



Wouldn’t this be awesome, your own Farmer’s Market out the backdoor. This fenced in veggie garden is raised up above the rest of the yard. My guess is it is sitting on tons of compost, that plus the raised beds inside are keys to its success.



Just because it looks great on the inside of the fence don’t forget the outside. These gardeners have utilized the space in front of the fence with a nice small perennial border, that can be seen from the street.


Check out  the secret garden tour (part two)


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