surprise art show

Surprise art show? The Art Show wasn’t  unforeseen or unannounced. It is in Surprise Valley, California. This out of the way Valley is beautiful, uncrowded, almost magical.

the nut house co. booth for the Art Show at Country Hearth Restaurant and Bakery Cedarville, CA

The Art Show has less than 10 vendors every year but tons of foot traffic. Held in the Rose Garden of the Country Hearth Restaurant and Bakery the setting is wonderful. Bringing out not only the locals but also many previous residents that are returning this week to attend family reunions and The Eagleville Barbecue held that same evening.

hand painted shopping bag – the nut house

This year I was able to participate again as a vendor. It’s so enjoyable to meet people who also find the area remarkable. Part of me wants to shout to the world “LOOK at this place isn’t it FANTASTIC!” but another part of me thinks, I’m so glad the world hasn’t really found this place and ruined it.

hand painted shopping bag – the nut house

I had a successful time, thanks to all the help from family setting up and then cleaning up. It was such a beautiful day, plus getting to visit with longtime friends is always awesome. I didn’t screw up too much except for forgetting the cash box at the start of the event. Running out of the show, yelling at an longtime friend “I forgot my cash box, I forgot my cash box!” like a crazy woman,  jumping into the old pickup to retrieve it.

hand painted dish towels -the nut house co.




If you take the road less traveled in Northeast California, you really need to see Surprise Valley.


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