the secret garden tour (part two)

The Secret Garden Tour (part two) continues with more beauty and helpful ideas. If you missed part one (the secret garden tour) check it out.




This garden shed is decorated simply but still makes a nice impact in the garden letting the plants take center stage. Love the “window box” filled with nasturtiums, sweet potato vine, lobelia, osteospermum, ivy and dahlias.


honeybear-tree You don’t have to have “live” plants to make a statements in your garden. Isn’t this a smart use of a dead tree. A Honey Bear Tree, I think Poo Bear would like this garden art.



I love this idea of plants on top of the fence. No bending down to pick these peppers. Up in the air like this makes it easier to heat up the soil, another plus. Warm soil early in the season, in “the North” or high elevations, helps the plants become more productive. Remember warmer soil equals water loss, so water regularly .


Weed free beauty. This looks so clean. Soak-er hoses and landscape fabric is what it takes. You could add removable PVC hoops and  fabric to extend your growing time. Even some passive solar ideas like milk jugs painted black and filled with water then placed between new seedlings. Then sun heats the water, the heat radiates out at night helping keeps the hoop/fabric covered plants warmer.  As the growing season continues the jugs are easy to remove giving room to growing plants. If needed in the fall you add them back getting a few more frost free weeks.


container We will leave with this beautiful container. Yellow flower and purple leaves are across from each other on the color-wheel, contrasting colors, making a snappy display.  Ivy, coleus, begonias and purple sweet potato vine overflow this pot, welcoming guest.


Next year join us in person, behind the gate.






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