I love buying junk!


cute bread drawer

I love buying junk or finding junk. It is a family thing. One set of grandparents kept everything. Granddad had every scrap of leftover lumber he ever cut and Grandma had every bit of fabric from her sewing projects. My grandmother on the other side helped at a thrift shop for a while and brought home stuff all the time and her husband took plastic bottles and made “varmint repel -rs” for the garden. They were all thrifty folks. My mother loves a bargain, same with The Siblings. We are clearance or thrift shoppers 99% of the time. My dad bought a whole antique sawmill once just to get a good deal on lumber, but that’s a story for another time.

Sawmill in Twin Peaks

A few weeks ago I finally got a huge project off the front porch. I then tossed my horde of cardboard boxes that I was using to spray paint on. (I’m sure the mailman was shocked to see it cleared out, maybe even thought we moved) The porch is in constant use for projects because it has great ventilation for painting. It looked so nice, all cleaned out, but I still need a place to put things for gardening, drip watering system repair, bags of ice-melt, project tools, etc.. So, off I went to my favorite junk stores amazing one of a kind treasure stores.

I was thinking of old 80’s metal baker’s rack could be easy to find and cheap. HA! Couldn’t find a one! Thank goodness they weren’t. It would look too messy with my gardening stuff on open shelves (says the same person who finally removed 20 old boxes covered with spray paint). I did find a really cheap ’90 entertainment cabinet that could be transformed, so I grabbed that. The next day, Hubby’s day off, he wanted to go out and find himself some junk. He never has to twist my arm to do that. He wasn’t as lucky as me that day. 2 truck loads later I was quite happy but the porch was filled again, the living room too. I also found something better the entertainment cabinet.

So excited, forgot the “before picture” before I started to take it apart.


I’m so happy to say I’ve got a “crappy” kitchen cabinet from the 40’s or 50’s. It’s not even made from real wood, it is gross and filthy. It has 80’s linoleum tile on top, with several eras of contact paper.

Perfect for the front porch? I can hear Hubby in my head ” this is a piece of junk, what is she gonna do with it? It’s not made of solid wood, we should haul it to the dump now!” That’s what happens when you really know someone, you can hear them in your head. Well, he loves me, so he lets me have my junk and helps me transform them in to something much better. And I dream a dream for this piece.




The mailman is thinking “yeah, they are still here, they didn’t move. See more crap is back.”



I did even know it had a bread drawer. Who can resist a bread drawer? seriously!



What about the 80’s cabinet? I have a new dream for that!      ….and the rest of the junk!

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6 thoughts on “I love buying junk!

  1. Hi can you send the sawmill picture to Chelby please😊 Are you putting those pulls on this project???from the clearance bin when we were out there


  2. I have been on the business end of that helper killer sawmill… I remember the stairs next to the blade almost lined up in a bad way… your mom on the work handle, the bouncing cable… and my big feet… your mom was aways figuring i would be hamburger…lol


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