the chalk paint craze

chalk-paint-chairThe chalk paint craze what it’s all about?

If you haven’t heard about chalk paint you must not be on Pinterest. For almost ten years or more DIY’ers have been using chalk paint to change up thrift finds and hand-me-downs. They show off their miraculous changes on social media. It’s nothing but chalk paint, chalk paint, chalk… you get the picture. So yes, here my take on chalk paint, chalk…    and my projects.


Painted with DIY chalk paint, drywall mud and white latex


Why do people like chalk paint?

  1. It paints on almost any surface including laminate, plastic, melamine, etc. with little or no prep!
  2. It can be sanded or distressed for a unique look
  3. It can be easily sealed with a variety of products for different looks and durable finishes
  4. It dries fast
  5. It cleans up easily
  6. It will hold up well even on kitchen or bathroom cabinets

What’s not to love? The price. I’m a bargain hunter plus I love paint. So, yes, there is bargain paint tucked away everywhere in the house. Bargain paint? I am always watching for the mis-tinted paint or “oops” paint at the end of the counter or clearance area of the paint department. So, “Annie Sloan” chalk paint at $35.00 a quart, that’s a quart not a gallon, for me it is a crazy amount of ($$$).

When everybody in “blogland” was claiming that “chalk paint” was the new sliced bread, I was like; “what is it really?” and “can I do something else?” or “fake it?”. I went looking and read a lot of DIY blogs. The simple answer is, yes! You can make something yourself that works like expensive chalk paint. You just add something to improve the adhesion to latex paint. With all it’s great features and properties, it really is the new sliced bread. So there you have it, family and friends who think I have too much paint, chalk paint is  awesome! Now, I too, can conquer the world making my own chalk paint.

little to no sanding for this bathroom mirror sealed with poly, still in good shape

I have used a few DIY chalk paint recipes. This is what I found while using them:

  • Un-sanded tile grout: really grainy and sets up hard quickly
  • Baking soda: handy, always in the kitchen, still a little grainy
  • Corn starch: smoother, works good, but might break down over time?
  • Dry wall mud: easy to sand, smooth, new favorite, I always have some mud on hand

Some I haven’t tried

  • Plaster of paris
  • Calcium carbonate (this is what’s in the expensive stuff)

The lazy way to make it:   Mix additives with water good until a cake batter consistency. Then add a few tablespoons to about a cup of paint. Any latex paint will work.  If you don’t like the consistency add more paint or paste. You can also subsequently thin it with water as you work because it may thicken as you paint.

oak bathroom cabinet paint DIY chalk paint with poly, no chipping or pealing

Drawbacks of chalk paint

  • Certain stains or tannins can bleed through
  • If you don’t seal it, it will absorb oil and wax (like from fingers)
  • It also comes off easily when not sealed
my upcycled desk
painted with DIY Chalk Paint Latex and corn starch

My little desk’s chalk paint has held up beautifully. Check out the plans for it here Bouncing back to what’s going on


Overall DIY chalk paint WORKS GREAT! Comes in unlimited colors. If you don’t seal it you can have as a chalk board and draw all over it with kids chalk. 😉

70's finish on dinning room chair
Before: My first chalk paint chair

Have you tried chalk paint yet?  What did you think?

peacock chair chalk paint
After: My peacock chair, DIY chalk paint un-sanded grout, sealed with wax

I’m planning lots of great makeovers so keep checking back. Share your favorites on social media.




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