salvaged cabinet continues

painted white cabinet coming along
painted white cabinet coming along

The “crappy cabinet” continues to be worked on. As usual,  just when I think it’s near the finish line. BAM! Extra steps are needed to get to that finish line. Hubby is very good about pointing out the flaws in my “quick and easy” plans. To be fair to both of us, sometimes you just can’t know some of the problems until you ripe stuff apart.


  1. Bad wood (gouge and dented plywood) under ’80’s tile
  2. Yucky, lumpy black junk stuck to bad wood.
  3. Using old hardware with cool vintage feel, pain in the backside to reuse.



  1. Add plastic for a smooth surface fixing bad wood.
  2. Remove black junk using heat gun
  3. Learn about different products and use them to refurbish old painted COOL hardware. (silver lining: maybe post about it)
heat gun fast a way to remove sticky tiles


Soooo, what have I done? Cleaned, dismantled, sanded, patched, primed and painted white latex to the outside body, doors and drawer fronts.  I also spray painted the inside and sides of the drawers black. I love black and white in the porch, where the cabinet will be located. On the porch, all the windows makes white looks fresh and clean also the black so crisp. I also sprayed the inside of the cabinet with gloss white. It was faster than rolling and brushing it.

Then we used the heat gun to remove the ’80’s tile and black sticky gunk. The black junk was not from the sticky tiles, that must have been from another old linoleum. I bought the gun several years ago to remove similar black adhesive on the basement steps must say, the heat gun is a real time saver but I don’t use it very much.

TIP: be careful with the heat gun, where’s there is smoke there can be fire or at least chard wood! Move it around slowly in small circles and scrape with a metal scraper. Get something like a card board box to hold the scraped off junk for the trash. Read the warning label on box.

Vision: I know this is not a new cabinet. It is never going to look like a new cabinet. I don’t want it to look like a new cabinet. I want it to look like a well care for cabinet. Lets face it, isn’t that what we all want for ourselves to look our best.

the plan

  • Cool vintage hardware stays
  • Better paint job (done)
  • Vintage-like top (also easy to clean)
  • Vintage-like interior (again easy to clean)

Check out my first post talking about the cabinet here: I love buying junk!


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3 thoughts on “salvaged cabinet continues

  1. I’m looking for some of old cabinets to put in the wash room… Habitat for Humanities has stuff like this but I need enough to fill the long wash room and all be the same style… for small places this would be cool though… I hope I don’t have to white wash it….sigh


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