gone brick and mortar

Good Things - Cedarville CA


I’m sure some of you have been asking “where can I get the nut house co. products?” You haven’t, well, I’m going to tell you anyway because I’m so excited we’ve gone “Brick and Mortar”! Well, at least gone “Old Wood and Tin”. What I’m I talking about? “Brick and Mortar” means in a real shop or store, not on the internet.

Now, the nut house co. products are at Good Things in Cedarville, Ca. in their unique antique shop (made of  old wood and tin). Yep, you can just stop by and get yourself some hand painted towels or canvas bags.

Good Things - Cedarville CA
Good Things – Cedarville CA


I can hear some of you now “Where is Cedarville, Ca?” or “Cedarville is a long way from where I live!” I must say Cedarville is always worth the drive. 😉 Cedarville is in the forgotten corner of northeastern California. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, not many people live there. Now picking up some of the nut house co. products  at Good Things can make the trip twice as awesome (or crazy?).

If you are interested in purchasing “the nut house co.” products and don’t live in the Cedarville area, just contact me through the blog. Heh, heh I do take credit cards. 😉  Also, I’m planning on selling products at the The Taube Museum in downtown Minot, ND after Thanksgiving till Christmas.

last year at the Taube

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