am I blue?

navy blue dining table and chairs

Am I blue
Am I blue
Ain’t these tears, in these eyes telling you

Anyway, this is definitely a blue dining set now. For you “never, ever paint good wood” people out there, this dining set was already painted black. The chairs and table legs are real wood but the table top has some MDF in it. So, no stripping and staining for this table top. The chairs would have been a pain to strip, too much turned wood. Full ahead make some chalk paint!

where it came from?

This dining set was given to us from some of our family members (I’ve been known to call them “The Howling Howells”). They are a very giving friends, having given us lots of stuff.  The table and chairs had some hard use. Hubby replaced some of the missing rungs on the bottom of a few of the chairs. The table top has groves in it, to make it look like planks of solid wood assembled together to make a table top. Those groves drove the previous owner crazy. She has OCD tendencies and stuff would get trapped in the groves. If you have those issues, get a completely solid smooth top. I obviously don’t have those issues (I’m perfectly normal), but I filled the groves up a little, with extra chalk paint, to make the top easier to clean (for the other voices in my head). YES, yes….. I was the one who ironed some drop cloth material on the table. Oooooppps….LOL

where is it going?

Who gets the dining room set? I was planning on keeping it but Hubby said he didn’t like sitting up high. It’s a pub table at counter height.  He likes his feet sitting on the ground; they hurt too much sitting for hours in the morning, while on the internet (Hubby’s a Youtube junkie). So, I’ve got another dining set to makeover. I was going to makeover it sell, but my eldest thought she could use it in the basement. Her basement is as nice as upstairs, not like a basement in those horror flicks. She newly purchased this home and it’s nice, but every wall was painted medium brown, with medium brown wood floor, trim and cabinets. Medium brown everywhere… brown, brown, brown! Throw in some camouflage curtains and you would have a Cabela’s Sporting Goods. She doesn’t have the time to repaint every wall. She is concentrating on painting the upstairs and bedrooms for right now. We wanted to add some other color to room that would tone down the wall color. She wanted a navy blue. I think navy was good choice; blue jean colors go great with brown.



I picked this “Fountain Pen” blue color in a satin latex by Kilz Color Collection because I knew it would darken when I sealed it. The basement doesn’t have as much natural light as upstairs. I didn’t want a navy with a lot of black in it, like I used in my office. I felt it would be too dark even though I love it in the office.


the work

I did make the latex paint into chalk paint, so I knew it would stick well to the shiny high glossed surface. I used a roller and a Purdy paint brush. Chalk paint dries fast. You can paint several coats quickly.

My daughter came by when I had the second coat of the chalk paint done. She likedt, but said “I’d like some of the black showing through”, so I did some wet distressing and wet sanding.  At the same time, I used watered down black craft paint as a glaze in the cracks.




paint chip, chalk paint & finished


Chip and paint comparison above

  • left: chalk paint
  • center: chalk paint with poly wipe
  • right: lots of black glazing with poly wipe

You can see the difference in the colors from the paint chip to the chalk paint to the final sealed paint with poly wipe. With the sealer on it the chalk paint darkens back up quite bit.  I used oil based poly wipe because my grandkids will be using this furniture and they are tough on stuff. It should hold up until they spill nail polish or something as bad.


I did do the whole project in my dining room as the weather started going bad. When it was finished I cleaned up and dragged out my little point and shoot camera. I did some quick staging and tried to get some “beauty shots”, this is tougher than blog-land and Pinterest make it seem. I think the table really looks better in person (and so thinks the other voices in my head). Then it was off to deliver it to its new home and make room for more projects.

the steps

  1. Replaced missing chair rungs ( thanks Hubby)
  2. Clean chairs and table with soap and water (to remove PBJ)
  3. Lightly sanded
  4. Mix drywall mud into latex paint
  5. Paint 2-3 light coats, lightly sanding between
  6. At the same time: wet sanded with fine sanding block and distressed with a damp cloth shop rag and glaze nooks and crannies with watered down craft paint
  7. Let dry over night
  8. 2-3 light coats of oil base wipe-on poly (put extra on the table top sanding in between)

beauty shots?

diy chalk paint navy table and chairs
DIY chalk paint navy table and chairs
diy chalk paint navy blue detail
DIY distressed detail


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9 thoughts on “am I blue?

  1. Really enjoy your blog even if I’m not planning any projects as such. Enjoy your narrative, whimsical with humor and the finished project is lovely. Your daughter should be considered very lucky to have you as her mom.
    Keep up the good blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

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