when it is small and pokey add DRAMA; alternate title “a mini reveal of the office”

When it is small and pokey, why not add DRAMA?  Yes, many see a small pokey room and think keep it “clean and simple”…..  and paint it white. Yeah, not me lately. I’ve been loving the rooms with dark saturated color on Pinterest. They are super dramatic with such dark colors. Not to everyone’s taste I’m sure. That’s okay,  if you don’t like it, I’m planning other rooms that will be light and bright. I think sometimes, dark colors can actually push the walls back visually.  I think the trick is the color having black adds to the hue. The windows for sure look bigger in a darkly painted room.  Our office at the nut house definitely qualified for small and pokey, so DRAMA is the name of the game (said most of the voices in my head) full speed ahead.

This is a mini-reveal, I’m still working on the room. I know this is my song “still working on it, la la da da la still workin’ on it….. “. I need some more storage. I’d love some short built-in bookcases, someday. We are going for temporary bookcases right now, because we have bigger fish to fry like …… The Kitchen, The Dining Room, The Living Room, etc.  Having a office has been great, not having the bookkeeping in the bedroom is awwwwsome. I’ll need a file cabinet besides the bookcases. I’m still needing some more art work, curtains and seating. All in all it is getting there.

paint and crown

I thought you still might like to see what we have done so far. The Hubby and I added crown molding after I painted the room Starless Night by Behr. The trim was touched up with some more Country White. The room really need painting (post teenager). Check out some of the before photos and plans here Part 1 & Part 2.


crown molding and navy paint


art wall

art wall in office

I painted up an art piece quickly to fit a thrift store frame. I spray painted the previous art print and mat with white spray paint. Next watered down some of the wall color paint and painted an abstract form. After it dried painted the white lettering. It supposed to keep me on track with time. That and the clock. Yes, the time gods are laughing themselves sick reading this. The blue and white palm print was in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby (I really bought it or the frame but it works). They can have some great deals when it’s 80 to 90% off time. Another thrift store frame has the grandkids pictures from some of our camping trip.

The “birds in flight” were from a thrift store and touched up with spray paint. I’ve been collecting odd and ends long before The Kids moved out and I often heard “what are you going to do with that?” and not in a polite voice. Oh, ye of little faith!


office furniture



I had the desk already.  It was one of my early chalk paint projects. The credenza was part of a makeshift closet I had disassembled and repainted. It’s big enough for my extra-large printer.  The light on the desk was a thrift shop find, it was brown, without a shade. I used “Buff n Rub” on it to get the gold color letting some of the brown show through.  I love to use “Buff n Rub” to up date metal objects like handles and knobs. There is also a little bits of turquoise craft paint in the nooks and crannies of the gold for an aged oxidatized look.

thrift store lamp up-cycled


Oh, and those beautiful feather come from my niece. She has a lonely peacock who molts them every year. That means no peacocks were harmed in decorating this room.

Have a great weekend, do something nutty.

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