tool tip day

tool tip day on the nut house co.

Do you have a tool that just makes things easier? Well I have a few and I thought I’d share them with you.

Today’s tool is something I’ve stolen borrowed from my poor sainted hubby. It’s a mechanics’ roller seat. These are mostly used in the garage for auto repair but they are awesome for painting low on a walls or furniture. There’s a place under the seat for tools so they’re handy.

When I’m prepping a wall for painting, it’s the first thing I grab. I scoot along taking off the low outlet plates and then taping over the electrical outlets. I keep it around, so I can paint the lower parts of the wall. I again use it to put the switch plates back on and clean up any drips on the floor. Ta da! I’m done and it can go back to the shop. I really need one with super large wheels to work in the garden so I can do my “scooting” thing there.

mechanic's roller seat
mechanic’s roller seat
mechanic’s roller seat


Share this tip on your favorite social media to save the world or at least get them scooting around. 🙂


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