tool tip day: chain saw wrench

tool tip day on the nut house co.


Another of my favorite tools is also something else I have stolen borrowed from hubby. Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…      Well at least at our old house, I couldn’t find a screw driver to open a gummed up paint can. I tried using a table knife but it kept bending finally I unearthed this chainsaw wrench. Yep, they are for adjusting the bar on a chainsaw when the chain has come off and working on other parts of a chainsaws. I have been around chainsaws almost all my life and these wrenches are always floating around in pickups, toolboxes, junk drawers, etc.

chain saw wrench a handy tool to open and close paint cans check out more handy tips
handy tool to open and close paint cans

I just didn’t know how handy these wrenches were for paint cans; you can open up the cans and then close them with one tool. The other end of the screw driver is the wrench which I use as a hammer to close the cans.

Now like my dad, husband, brother and other male members of the family, I’m regularly picking up this handy tool from the landscape tool department of the hardware store.

What’s your favorite tool for projects around the house? Where did you get it from?

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