tool tip day: paint cup

tool tip day on the nut house co.


I don’t always get all my tools from my hubby. This next tool you’ll find in the paint department. It’s a handy size paint cup.

I’ve been known to just open the cupboard and use one of our coffee mugs for this purpose, much to my hubby’s horror. This well designed plastic cup has a handle similar to a coffee mug, but it is much larger. I like this because I don’t have to fill it up as often. While “cutting in” the paint near the ceiling I don’t have to go up and down the ladder, then up and down again just to refill my paint cup. It’s also has a cool little magnet inside near the top. Why is it cool? The metal band of the brush can be stuck to the magnet, keeping it from falling in the paint cup.  This keeps your work areas cleaner ( I can get paint everywhere, so is awesome)  and makes it safer to climb up that ladder with a free hand. All this stuff for under 5 bucks!  A pretty worthwhile little tool for brush painting. I even go looking for it instead of grabbing for a coffee mug when it’s misplaced.


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