is 2017 over yet?: or the best of 2017

Last January, visions of beautiful rooms filled my dreams. An idea of what could “be” now that my loving grandkids had hit the road or at least moved down the road was finally going to be more attainable. Okay, so all my dreams haven’t come true. There is a still ton to do on the main floor but some of the items on the “to do” list, have been checked off. Others goals for 2017 have also been realized. One goal was starting a blog about our adventures of working on our flooded house. I thought I’d share some links of the blog posts, the best of 2017. It will be like one of those TV show episodes where they come up with a loose story, so they can just show the best parts of previous shows because they are too lazy to do a totally new episode. Yeah, after this last month, I’m thinking that idea sounds good. I was working on gifts for the grandkids and the booth for the Taube museum fundraiser. The house has become a furniture painting shop and a craft factory on top of the remodeling projects. In other words someone could be at great risk wading through the rooms piled with tools, paint supplies, upholstery stuff, and on and on. So here’s my lazy post, the list of the best post from “the nut house co.” 2017.



if you are here, it’s a miracle!


I finally gave up and photos of where we started



the chalk paint craze


chalk painting: “how to” details



sealing chalk paint: more details



stain review and papa’s humidor

navy blue dining table and chairs
am I blue?


when it is small and pokey add DRAMA; alternate title “a mini reveal of the office”

Need some inspiration and advice for your guest room project, part 1 of our guest room series. In this series we will give a breakdown of steps to help you to decorate your guest room in any style or color. #thenuthouseco.

guest are coming: guest room reveal

I’ve got big, big plans for next year. More rooms will be getting painted and decorated. Thrift store finds will get an updated look. The garage, basement and front porch all have treasure I’ve collected in them. I’ve got to get some these things transformed, so I can go hunt down some more. LOL Garden tips, tool tips, craft project, etc. are things I want to share. Poor hubby has a “to do” list maybe longer than mine.


Let me know which was your favorite post last year and what you are dreaming about working on this coming year.

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