tool tip day: wire strippers

tool tip day on the nut house co.

Wire strippers are almost a necessity for anyone working on electrical projects, whether hooking up trailer lights or installing a new light in the dining room.  Some types have other uses. You may even have one in your (or hubby’s) tool box.

A lot of us who change out knobs and pulls on furniture or cabinets have trouble with screws that are to long. There are no standard thicknesses of doors or drawers. Hardware manufactures do not know what size you need so they err on the side of “longer is better”.  It would be worse if you had to buy new screws  because they were too short. Having the screw too long looks tacky when you open the drawer or door and the screws can get in the way of stuff that is stored in there.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a easy way to shorten those screws? Electrical strippers are that answer. How can electrical stripper shorten screws? Well, in the middle of these strippers are 2 or more little holes. You screw your screw in the appropriate hole when the stripper is in the open position. Then close them like scissors. This cuts the screw! Yep, no saw or grinder or crazy machine, just something that looks like weird scissors. Now here is the best part, as you turn the screw to remove it fixes the threads where they were damaged by the cutter. Just remember to use the correct hole size.

It does take some hand strength, if you have trouble opening jars you may have to get some help.


I just have to say it has been really difficult writing about strippers and screwing in a detached way without making a bunch of rude or snarky comment so I’m going to retain some dignity and stop here before I get myself in trouble.

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