Tool tip day: 5 in one tool

tool tip day on the nut house co.

As a painter, I call myself a painter because I do that more than anything else and I have the wardrobe to prove it; I could probably write a book on the 5 in one tool (maybe a really short book but a book). Yes, 5 in one is a complete understatement. There are so many things this tool can help with and not just painting projects. So we will just hit the highlights today.

  1. A scrapper, the edge at the top is great at scrapping yucky junk or crumbling dried old paint
  2. Putty knife to patch holes
  3. The pointy part cleans yucky stuff from holes, digs staples out of wood, cleans cracks in plaster, cleans goopy paint from the groove on top of the paint can
  4. The little hole in the middle can pull nails used for hanging picture frames
  5. The wider end of the blade as a flat screwdriver can open paint cans
  6. The weird half circle can scrap the excess paint from the roller before you clean it
  7. The bottom has a heavy metal end that can be used as hammer
  8. For cleaning glass and flooring of paint drips or yucky sticky stuff, wrap a rag around the top of the scrapper and scrape, the rag scrubs off the stuff and protects the surface of scratches from the metal scraper

Obviously, you can do a lot with this tool, so it’s well worth it even if you don’t paint much. I recommend everyone have one in their cleaning bucket. I have 3 or 4, ….. like scissors and reading glasses can you ever have enough lying around?

Do you have a favorite painting tool? Let’s hear about it.

5 in one: fantastic tool to have in your tool box

6 thoughts on “Tool tip day: 5 in one tool

  1. Fine I’ll buy one or two !! Then it will become my favorite tool because I don’t think I have one other than a hoof pick.


  2. Lorin I’ve never seen one of these before. Next time I go to Home Depot I’ll have to pick one up. I already have enough tools but this is so convenient.


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