how to find an inspiration piece to decorate with

So…… last post I talked about using a designer’s color choices to help you choose paint color.

Visit your local home decorating center and it’s easy to find tons of professionally designed items for sale. Remember design is the intentional use of a line, shape or color. That means someone has put a lot of thought into not only how the colors react to each other but also they took into account what colors are in fashion now. Both of these aspects are helpful to you because you don’t have to do the research yourself.

That product you like has had someone else work out the kinks of the color choices. You can then utilize those choices. Basically, what I’m saying it is easy find something you love that “works” and will inspire you in decorating your space.

fabric with different moods

Fabrics are a great place to start. Not only do fabrics have colors but they have a mood, character or personality.  They can be fun, cheery, happy, forbidding, restrained, elegant, demure, outlandish, exotic, humble, worldly, sensual, etc, etc. Pretty much any adjective you can think of, you can find a fabric to go with it.

That’s why it so important before you run to the paint store, all excited about decorating, that you stop and think about your space.  What do you want to feel when you walk through the door? What do you want others to feel? It’s your space; you can have it your way! Just pick your adjectives.

Comfortable and beautiful, were they in your list?

Pretty much everybody says comfortable and beautiful. Of course not everybody likes the same things about a space. When my husband and I would look at houses that had 10 ft. high ceilings, he would say things like we can fix that, we’ll put in a drop ceiling. The first time he said that I was so shocked! I thought that was one of the best selling points about these homes. He was raised mostly in traditional California ranch style, single story homes. I was raised in the mountains with huge 20-25 ft. open ceilings. In 8 ft. ceiling spaces I can feel tight and squashed. My husband probably feels comfortable. So comfortable and beautiful mean different things to different people. You really need to dig deep in your feelings for a description what you want.

What about the spaces you really love being in, the coffee shop, a friend’s or relative’s house? What do those spaces make you feel?  Are they light and airy, dark and warm, cool and crisp? Maybe some of the adjectives in the paragraph above fit?

Adjectives for the Nut House are:

  • Airy
  • Breathable
  • Fun
  • Colorful
  • Eclectic
  • Traditional
  • Unique
  • Elegant
  • Unexpected
  • Artistic
  • Fashionable (trendy)
  • A little exotic

I felt some of these adjectives before I even started to decorate this house, especially “traditional”. It’s good to let the space talk to you. What are the adjectives that present themselves to you? Do you want to down play those adjectives or incorporate them or even highlight them?

When you have those adjectives pinned down, you can start the hunt. This is my favorite part, looking for the inspiration piece. It can be drapes, a sofa, pillows, art, a chair, wallpaper, comforter, etc. but something with fabric can be the best.  Something with a pattern or a texture with multiple colors can be even better.

When you are doing a whole house you want it to flow and not be disjointed. It is clever technique to start with an inspiration piece. Whether it is one room or a whole house, you need to think about a few things:


  • How will your inspiration piece work in the rest of the spaces?
  • Are there one or more colors that can work in all or most of the spaces?
  • Can you find another inspiration piece that work in other rooms that have a similar mood, character or personality?
  • Most important: does it fulfill your adjectives for the house?

My inspiration piece for the whole house was designed by the Great Designer.  It is a peacock feather. So, read my adjectives again. Well, I think it fits. That’s how you need to feel about your inspiration piece.

peacock feather for inspiration piece for the whole house


When designing the guest room it was a fairly fresh start in the room. I was keeping the ceiling white, the hardwood floor stained and the door & trim a cream color. I used an inspiration piece that I felt had the characteristics of my list.


On the hunt I found the “the pillow”. I love “the pillow” it looks traditional. It reminds me of antique ornithological framed prints or vintage fabric but with trendy colors.  It has turquois-ie-greens, golds and bronze-y burnt umber like a peacock feather, but it had other colors too. The pillow had coral, dark reds and whites and it allowed me to pick and choose other colors that were introduced only into this room. These colors make it special but they still flow into the whole house.

So, now I have shown you a large piece of the puzzle. In the next post, we will go over how I planned the room with my inspiration piece.


share on your favorite social media to help other decorate 😉

Have a great week and remember a nutty life is full of flavor or zest!


5 thoughts on “how to find an inspiration piece to decorate with

  1. I did find when we were decorating our new home that having a piece of something– art work, furniture, wallpaper, etc for each room that I just loved helped make it so much easier to decorate each room. Pinned.


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