tool tip day: cordless sander

tool tip day on the nut house co.

Up until now, my tool tips have been inexpensive tools under $10.  Today we are talking about something that costs more, but is totally worth it. My new Ryobi 18 volt cordless Cat Finish Sander is soooo nice. I had been using an earlier Ryobi version for almost a decade, dragging it here and there in constant use. If I can get as much use out of the new sander as the old, it will be amazing. I used the old sander prepping furniture, house siding and trim, doors, cabinets, indoor window and door trim, even flooring (touching up when we refinished the upstairs hardwood flooring) and on and on. If you can afford it, cordless is the way to go. It is just so nice, not dragging a cord behind getting in the way while you are working. This size sander can get so much done, getting in tight spots and doing large spaces too.

Old Ryobi sander
My new Ryobi cordless sander

There are other sanders you may need for super large heavy jobs or tinny tiny spots, but for most jobs; just like Goldilocks said “this one is just right”.


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