tool tip day: mini foam roller

tool tip day on the nut house co.

I thought everybody knew about mini foam rollers, certainly in my family because we paint a lot. My Mom was the queen of wallpaper, re-papering bathrooms every few years. There was a joke floating around about “when was mom going to wallpaper the chicken coop because she ran out of walls in the house?” So it comes naturally that my sisters and I like to change things up too, but we mostly paint instead of wallpaper.

Now the sister I’m going to talk about came up with using stencils with drywall mud to add texture to walls long before it was popular. She is an out of the box thinker. A while ago, we were texting back and forth.

My sister: complaining of drips using a semi-opaque water-base stain and included a photo of her trying to paint bead board paneling.

Me: replied “foam roller” and “light coats”.

My sister : sent me a pic of a little foam brush.

Me:  “Roller!”

My sister: “send picture”

Me: sent a picture of a mini foam roller.

It got me to thinking how many of you are struggling with the wrong painting tools? Do you want a smooth finish for cabinets, furniture, trim, etc.?  That used to only be done by spraying. Spraying can be expensive and takes skill, equipment and time.  Basically bit’s a pain. Today, the simple solution is a foam roller.  My favorite is a metal frame with disposable 6 in high density roller. The key when using a mini foam roller is to apply light coats that, dry quickly, and sand lightly in between. Plus, they are cheap. So for a few bucks spent on a mini foam roller, you can get great results, a good deal and when it gets too yucky, with old dry paint because you were keeping it in plastic or tin foil between coats and forgot it, just chuck the disposable part.

high density foam roller
high density foam roller


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