tool tip day: razor blade paint scraper

We are going to just jump in here with a mini-rant. I hate masking tape, yes even the new blue and green kind. It’s a pain to use and paint still bleeds underneath. But the new stuff you say, even with the new stuff. It’s not as bad but for the time it takes putting it on it should be perfect.

So how do I paint windows without tape?  Yep, I just paint the glass. The trick is to use a razor blade scraper to remove the latex and unsealed chalk paint. It will scrape right off. It is super-fast, super easy and super satisfying to see it come out perfect.

razor blades come in different types and sizes

These scrapers come in different styles and shapes. Most are really cheap and use those old style replaceable razor blades; the ones that are rectangular, about 1 ½ inches wide, with a re-enforced edge. The blades just slide in sideways and have a removable cover. There are wider ones available but if you have real old glass, with ripples, they don’t clean well.

To start with, lightly go around the edge between the glass and the wood; this will keep from lifting paint off the wood. It’s best to scrap at 45 degree angle. Use a dry paint brush to brush away the scrapings.  Uncured latex scrapings can cling to other fresh latex paint. That why it’s nice to use the dry paint brush.

Oh, you have old paint on your window or mirror? No problem.  When it’s cool in the morning spray some window cleaner and let sit for a few minutes and scrape. It should come off with very little work.

You can also use them to just clean windows inside and out. You would be surprised at the built up crud that sticks to glass. Scrape the glass first and you’ll need less elbow grease to clean your windows beautifully.

pin me tool day on the nut house razor blade scraper



One thought on “tool tip day: razor blade paint scraper

  1. Lorin I have to agree, I am so lazy when it comes to taping things up and always go with the scraping method!


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