yep, I did it again…

Yep, I missed my anniversary! This is no surprise to my family. I’m famous, infamous and notorious for forgetting birthdays and anniversaries in the family.

Facebook has helped me remember special days with constant reminders for family and friends that are on that social media. I don’t always trust those reminders because I lied to Facebook about my birthday date. When filling in the box I was thinking “Facebook doesn’t need to know this” so I filled it out incorrectly.  So, now I have a faux birthday on Facebook. LOL


The anniversary that I’m talking about is not my wedding anniversary but the first post on the blog. Yes, The Nut House Co. blog is a whole 1 year old. We are toddling now with regular readers, Facebook and Instagram followers.  I just want to thank all of you for reading, sharing and commenting.

Here’s a link to the very 1st post.

if you are here, it’s a miracle!

Most read posts, in case you missed them.

am I blue?

navy blue dining table and chairs
navy blue dining table and chairs diy chalk paint made with drywall mud


chalk painting: “how to” details


sealing chalk paint: more details


Have a great week!   …..and you know what I’m going to say next…. Do something nutty…


the blog is on DIY is one year old
pin me!

4 thoughts on “yep, I did it again…

  1. Happy one year anniversary Lorin or as I call them Blogoversary!! I wish you many more in the nut house!!


  2. Congratulations on your 1st year! Wow! You’ve done a great job in one year. Took me 2 years to really have a decent blog! Year being nutty!


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