color splash & ombre vanity

This was supposed to be the Easter post because the vanity looks a lot like an Easter egg. Plans of mice and men…..



This project was as fun as it was colorful. I learned a lot about layering color and ombre.  I used my thrift store blender to make chalk paint out of some latex paint and drywall mud, so I wasn’t out of much money for this project. I did purchase the vanity off Facebook. The young lady who sold it to me was so proud of the fact that it was in good shape no damage to the wood. I didn’t have the heart to point out how it didn’t have a lot of solid wood and I was planning on painting it. I was glad it hung around a bit before I painted it, because it would have been a whole lot less interesting.



This was intended as a gift for my youngest granddaughter and I was unsure of which room it was going to end up in. It could possibly have been placed in her bedroom, which is mint and coral, or the basement family/game room with the navy blue table (link) or in her bathroom which has blues and greens. Yes. I could have just chosen a safe, boring white; to match any of the rooms it might have been used in but, noooo…. I went colorful instead, a rainbow of colors. It now sits, well used, in their large bathroom.


I used the leftover homemade chalk paint from the navy table and started painting the table and stool upside down. Then I blended the next color, a light turquoise, with my Purdy brush. You need a very soft brush and a misting bottle of water to blend evenly.  Don’t spray too much water just a light mist. After I had the three base colors all blended and dry, I wanted to introduce some warm colors.


I like hot pink with turquoise and coral with mint green, bright happy combinations. So that became the plan to add the warm colors right on top of the others. I didn’t want to go too crazy, just a little splash.


The next step was just some craft paint watered down and splashed on with a makeup blush brush, a little mist, a few dabs of a paper towel when the drips got too drippy. I know, you’re like: “ what, a blush brush?” Yep, a blush brush! They are very soft and much cheaper than a good quality watercolor wash brush.


I sealed the chalk paint and craft paint with some water based poly. I couldn’t use oil based because of the fumes and the lack of ventilation in the house in the winter.



Steps for chalk paint ombre technique and color splash on child's vanity.


Here the links for my chalk paint posts

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Part 2 coming soon….. the seat on the stool and hardware.


Spring is still far off for me so do something nuttttty!…   if it’s  warm where you are, plant some flowers for me!

Color splashing and ombre technique with chalk paint. make your own chalk paint and other $$$ saving ideas!
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15 thoughts on “color splash & ombre vanity

  1. Love, love, love those colors Lorin. It’s so refreshing seeing furniture makeovers that break the traditional boundaries and play with color. I know white is safe but it’s just so …… meh


    1. Thanks, I totally hear ya about the white, which is crazy because a little color can be added so easily with painted furniture, it’s not like forking out a small fortune for a couch and having in out of fashion in a year or so dull you hate how it sucks the life out of your room. Painting some furniture is even easier than painting a whole room.


  2. I have to say I love the way you painted this vanity. It’s something I’ve never seen before. Also the drawer liner and the seat fabric are both beautiful. May I ask where they are from if it’s not too much trouble? I’ve looked for similar for years and cant seem to find anything quite close enough and these are spot on. Thank you in advance.


    1. That’s why I did paint it because I wasn’t able to find anything that I liked. Have you seen the bags. I have been painting bags for a few years, that’s what gave me the idea.


  3. Ah I see now. You painted the seat fabric. It looks amazing! And genius for using a bag for its beauty for the drawer liner. Gorgeous!


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