quick garden tip: diapers


One of my best tips for container gardening is diapers, yes, disposable diapers. I’m sure you’re thinking… really diapers? What makes a diaper so special? They hold fluid. That will help your plants have a ready supply of water on hot days. Commercial gardeners have been using the same crystal ingredients that are found in disposable diapers for growing beautiful plants for years.

begonias, impatients & coleus


They’re especially useful in hanging baskets that have the liner made of coconut fibers. You can also find this ingredient in many overpriced bagged soils lately. In addition, there is that special ingredient that puffs up with the fluid and keeps the baby dry. These fibers will keep your soil from becoming compacted, which will also encourage root growth.

should I have moved the drip for the photo?

Okay, I’m not saying you need to use the kind of diaper that would end up on an over the top comedy show with the giant brown mess. No……use a new one or gently used diaper.  And you’re like “yucky pee diaper!”…. well pee is sterile and the ammonia in it helps will break down bio matter in the soil so the plant can use it and grow faster…. so a little pee in the diaper won’t hurt anything.  I usually cut the diapers in half for under 12” containers and place it in the bottom of the hanging basket or container.

sphagnum moss, $1 basket and diaper cut in half waiting for soil

Load the container up with soil and that’s it! Soon, I’m popping in my annuals from the nursery or a big box store with a little slow release growth fertilizer and water.  Remember, hanging pots can dry out fast, so water regularly.

basket with coconut fiber liner just planted


freshly planted will fill out soon

Note: photos from previous years there is a foot of snow is still on the deck 😉

other gardening post


Happy spring everybody! Yes we still have lots of snow on the ground but the days are growing quite long. The sun is shining and the North Dakotans are out in droves today.

Do something nutty and enjoy the sunshine. I think is awesome when you share my blog!




7 thoughts on “quick garden tip: diapers

  1. Lorin I could have used this tip in Greece when no amount of watering saved my plants. Haha! The things you come up with leave me with my mouth opened, but actually it is very smart! Happy planting!!


      1. Hah! Greece wastes so much water in agriculture. But we are lucky to have lots of it coming down from the mountains too.


  2. Also elderly pee pads should work well and you don’t have to cut in half.Double also, female pads work as a window wiper of course in an emergency.



  3. Great tip Lorin. Thank you. We have a major water crisis here in South Africa and any ideas to conserve water are always appreciated


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