color splash & ombre vanity part 2

details of color splash ombre vanity step by step how to diy part 2Part 2

Forever ago, I wrote about the color scheme that I painted the Vanity for the granddaughter, if you missed it shame on you, ha-ha…….  just kidding. Here’s a link for you.

color splash & ombre vanity


Steps for chalk paint ombre technique and color splash on child's vanity.
vanity for granddaughter




So let’s continue….

stool with hand painted fabric


stool seat

I had some happy colors going on with the vanity but I wanted a cute fabric for the stool to bring it all together. So, off I went to look at the few places that carry fabric in town. I came back empty handed and not so happy. Most of the fabrics that matched the colors were not what I had in mind and I was kind of frustrated.  Then it came to me. “I paint canvas bags and dish towels all the time” and “why don’t I paint my own fabric for the stool”.

I went cheap and used some left over drop cloth material that I had used to make curtains for the guest room. I typically use Acrylic craft paint with a fabric medium which allows me to water it down even more when I choose. This allows me to paint any style I feel like and the paint adheres to cloth reasonably well. There must have been more polyester or a chemical agent in this material because it wanted to repel the paint.  I couldn’t get crisp lines and had to use more watercolor techniques so, it has a very soft look. However, I was happy enough to move on with what I had achieved.

when a loose plan comes together


I upholstered the seat right over the old fabric with a little quilt batting between the new and old. As a last step, I sprayed it with the Rust-Oleum fabric protector Never Wet since this was going to be a piece of furniture owned by a kid. 😉


hot pink drawer knobs



I am a regular stalker at the clearance area of Hobby Lobby. I wait until it hits 80% or 90% off and then strike. So these pulls come from there. They are supposed to look like pink geodes. They were a perfect hot pink for an 8 year old.

Hubby got the old hardware off because it wasn’t put on the traditional way and was a bit of a struggle for me. The screws on the new hardware had to be shortened. Check out my post on how to shorten screws on new hardware here. Then I dabbed and smeared a bit of Rub n’ Buff on the mirror hardware and the new pulls to make them match.  If you ever need to change hardware color, Rub ‘n Buff is a pretty awesome product.

rub ‘n buff



gold finger, lol


drawer liner

After I painted the stool material, I was at TJ Maxx and found a $1 shopping bag that had the same feel but brighter. I snapped it up. I cut it apart and with a little rubber cement ta da!…………….A  happy little drawer liner.

happy drawer liner



So overall the project came off with very little problems and it allowed me to get creative. And getting creative is always the best part, right?

no antique was harmed in this makeover



Do something nutty and creative this week! …. Remember sharing is caring. Also, I love it when you share my blog on your favorite social media!


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9 thoughts on “color splash & ombre vanity part 2

    1. Thanks, lately I been seeing a lot of vanities since doing this one. It’s funny how a project can focus our attention on things like that. I’m sure you can find one worthy your time & effort.


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