thrift store bulletin board makeover

Things often get lost in the shuffle around here at The Nut House, projects started and not completed, organized but junked up again, supplies and materials bought and never used but waiting for other things to come together.

Like a bee hive, things get done but they might not make sense to an outside eye. Between my wanting things to look good and the hubby needing to have it done right, I have long ago accepted that things are probably going to happen in a different order and speed then we have in mind. So with that in mind,  my Facebook and Instagram followers were polled which paper I should use on a bulletin board for my craft room; a cute little dot or a dramatic floral…… that was in January!!!

the craft room décor

During that open poll period, it went back and forth. The floral was in the lead to begin with and in the middle it seemed like the dot was going to take the lead, but eventually, a few more votes came in for the floral. That was that, the floral won. (even though a few votes came in for semi trucks & camouflage) 🙂


So I started the project! Then something interrupted me, then again, and yet again. Finally, after nearly a month, I was able to get it papered and put some hooks on it. I then selectively displayed it and took photos in preparation to writing a post.

I then realized that I didn’t like the white hooks in the photos…. a simple problem that needed correcting. (I know, crazy to get bogged down in the little things but those hooks kept jumping out at me!) I went and picked up new black hooks.  It was late and I planned on making the change the next day but something happened.  (Something always happens!) Was it the whirlwind of the wedding projects? Could it have been trying to keep up with the exuberant grandkids? (which I love to be with)  Was Hubby the culprit? No, I think “loss of focus” is the real answer.

Quick makeover for a thrift store bulletin board. Add color and style to your space with a tutorial, saving money on your decorating budget with tips and tricks.
the hooks are for my sewing scissors & sewing scissors are never to be used on other crafts


the good, the bad, the beautiful….

The good thing about writing this blog is that it helps me focus on completing projects.

The bad thing is the time out of projects writing about them.

The absolute beautiful thing is the interaction with everyone on social media; being inspired and hopefully inspiring others to express their individuality. (I’m big on individuality) So I need to focus on finishing up some projects before starting more but I need to continue with yardwork and regular summer time house maintenance, etc.

Hence, I’m posting that the bulletin board you’ve long forgotten about is done………..I really know that you soooo worried about it 😉

bulletin board steps


  • Touched up paint with chalk paint
  • Sealed with SC Johnson furniture wax


  • Cut wrapping paper about ½ inch bigger than cork
  • Double checked paper size 🙂
  • Put contact cement on both paper and cork
  • Carefully layed paper on cork
  • Gently used a 5-in-one tool to tuck wrapping paper under wood trim
  • Glued the ribbon down with a low temp glue gun


  • Used a small 90° tool pick to start a pilot hole by pounding with a hammer
  • Mount hooks where they are handy


  1. Save $$$ on wrapping paper during after-Chistmas sales. Now lots of wrapping paper doesn’t scream Christmas and can be used for lots of things.
  2. I couldn’t use spray paint because it was too cold outside and I don’t have a well ventilated warm space, so I use my chalk paint recipe to make my own chalk paint.
  3. I love contact cement because if I’m sloppy the mess can just be rubbed off.
  4. If you use a trim of ribbon on the paper next to the wood you don’t have to cut the paper perfectly.
  5. If you can gently slide the rough cut edge under the wood frame you don’t have to cut the paper perfect because the frame will hide the rough edge.
  6. We have been using those small mechanics picks for years, to make pilot holes, to hang hardware on picture frames. Little screws can be a pain to start in hardwood frames.
  7. Use something with a flat straightedge to smooth out the paper. I use this new mini painting shield. (The black plastic tool in the flat-lay photo.)



I have a regular route to all our local thrift stores. I would love to hear about your thrift store finds and makeovers! Drop us a note in the comments or post a picture on our Facebook feed. Have a nutty week! Enjoy the sunshine, Winter is Coming!


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2 thoughts on “thrift store bulletin board makeover

  1. Lorin winter is coming that is for sure. And if you are referring to the Game of Thrones it cannot come fast enough. I love the bulletin board you made over. That floral print is really pretty. The only thing it is missing is a squirrel! 😉


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