forage friday: daisies

Last week I worked real hard a gathering my forage, not. I walked right out the front door with my dollar store scissors….. snip… snip…  snip. Voila!

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farmhouse decor with foraged daisies

They look happy! After a week since I cut them, most of these daisies are still looking pretty good. You can often find them roadside or in naturalized fields. Some gardener feel they are a weed others are happy to have them in their wildflower areas.  Used inside they are great with so many decorating styles farmhouse, cottage, french country, rustic modern, etc.

join us for forage Fridays, post your finds on our Facebook page or Instagram #foragefridays


Leucanthemum vulgare, the ox-eye daisy, or oxeyed daisy, is a widespread flowering plant native to Europe and the temperate regions of Asia and an introduced plant to North America, Australia and New Zealand. It is one of a number of family Asteraceae plants to be called a “daisy”, and has the additional vernacular names common daisy, dog daisy and moon daisy.


What is not, is a Shasta Daisy.  The garden Shasta Daisy originated as a hybrid produced in 1890 by the American horticulturist Luther Burbank from a number of daisies. First, he crossed Leucanthemum vulgare with Leucanthemum maximum; this double hybrid was itself crossed with Leucanthemum lacustre. The resulting Leucanthemum triple hybrid was crossed with Nipponanthemum nipponicum, creating an inter-generic cross of species from three continents.

So this “daisy” has been around not only in the world but one of the most famous flower experiments. Let’s face it kids and adults love them. Does she/he love me? Doesn’t she/he love me? Does she…

Some of you have been sharing some great stuff on The Nut House’s Facebook page and Instagram with #foragefriday! Thanks for that, check out this week’s post and share away.

Have a great weekend! May it be filled with flavor and nuttiness!


join us for forage Fridays, post your finds on our Facebook page or Instagram #foragefridays

2 thoughts on “forage friday: daisies

  1. Lorin, I love the idea of Foage Friday! I am a forager too! Queen Anne’s Lace…sunflowers…anything I can find that can mix it up in a vase or jar. 🙂


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