forage friday: yellow salsify

Well, I have interesting news. There is another wedding in the family and I’m helping with the reception.  Since this will be happen very, very soon…    I will not be making 500 zillion paper flowers. 😉




This week’s forage is without a doubt a WEED!
If you see this in your yard pick the flowers, then eliminate the plant! It usually pulls out easily if you soak the surrounding area with water. It will develop a seed head that looks like a giant dandelion. Those lovely seeds blow around, around and around. Soon you will have them everywhere.
What is it? Tragopogon dubius. This is a widespread plant, it has a large number of alternative common names. They include western goat’s beard, wild oysterplant, yellow salsify, yellow goat’s beard, meadow goat’s beard, goat’s beard, goatsbeard, common salsify, or salsify. Some of these are also, or more commonly, used for other species, and are better avoided.


foraged-floral-yellow-salsify-free-farmhouse-styleFor a forage arrangement it has some issues. The flowers close up in the afternoon. They also don’t last very long maybe 2 days. On the plus side it is FREE & I love the black lines in the bright yellow.


Like dandelions, this plant is edible but bitter. So if you’re in a “Walking Dead” Zombie situation and are starving; the root can be eaten (raw or cooked) and so can the young stems.

Have a great weekend.

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