forage friday features pt.1


You know how I love a good floral forage! Looking for the beautiful in a roadside ditch or a empty lot. They are great way to enjoy flowers and plants everyday. Thanks to Instagram I’ve found others who enjoy bringing nature into their home. After all what can be better than free flowers. I’ve been featuring them on my Instagram account and thought you would enjoy seeing them too.

We are starting out with wonderful Emily from Thirteen 79 Design and Home Staging. She uses forage floral for the staging of her reimagined furniture and vintage finds.  Don’t forget to follow her when you check out her other good stuff on her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Solidago, commonly called goldenrod
Maclura pomifera goes by tons of name like hedge apple and monkey balls

And my favorite, love the those pretty leaves with the vintage sewing machine cabinet.

Fall color

Aren’t they wonderful? One more from another Emily, she writes a great blog, Le Cultivateur. of course you can also follow her on her Instagram

Virgina Creeper

So pretty! That’s it for now. Next post I’ll be sharing more great pictures of forages!!!

Soon I’ll get back to the stairwell posts I know you are dying to read all about the sanding steps. After all what could be more enticing?

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2 thoughts on “forage friday features pt.1

  1. Love this!! Foraging is my favorite way to bring the beautiful outdoors into my home! There’s nothing better than natural beauty!! Thank you so much for including my picture!
    ~Emily @


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