forage friday features pt. 2

Foraging for florals? It is hard to go wrong! They are great for weddings and to enjoy every day. Thanks to Instagram I’ve found others who enjoy bringing nature in to their home for free. I’ve been featuring them on my Instagram account and thought you would enjoy seeing them too. Did you miss part one? We’ll here’s the link.

Up first this week two thrifting sisters, Kim and Laura from Murry Lane Memories. They write a wonderful new blog about thrifted finds and wonderful vintage goods.  They are of course showing of tons of goodies on their Instagram account. Check out the next two pictures from their Instagram account.

Greenery collected on walks with the grandbaby
Wreath made with palm tree litter

This fantastic wreath is made from something most folks toss in their trash can every month if they have palm trees. Want to know how it’s done check it out their blog for the tutorial.

Now lets check classic greenery from Prairie Land Design. Cathy and Steve have a great Etsy shop filled with modern home & garden products for everyday living. Can’t find the exact thing in the shop they are happy to make it for just for you. You can find them and their products on their Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

cedar greenery in birch bark container

Now for some beautiful fall color from across the pond in Wales from the blog My_fy, a wonderful furniture artist using forage leaves to stage her work. Beside her Instagram account you can find check out this creative blog and learn about Myfanwy.

beautiful simplicity  

Last but not least my sister’s foraging of her fall color and her clever way of displaying it in a cowboy hat with the help of a glass trifle bowl. If you love horses, mountains and rustic lifestyle check out her Facebook and Instagram account of what’s going on at The Rustic Ranch Artistry under the big montana sky.

abundance from the fall garden

I love seeing everyone’s creativity, it’s all so unique. 

Yes, yes, I’ll get back to the exciting stairwell posts soon, because you all live to see boards sanded for weeks, right?

Don’t forget share The Nut House on your favorite social media. If your check out my social media accounts to forget to say hi in the comments, I’m always up for a good yacky-ty-yack on Facebook or Instagram. So get out enjoy nuttiness!

Looking for great ways to decorate free? Check how these artisans and artist decorate with roadside flowers.
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3 thoughts on “forage friday features pt. 2

  1. Lorin reading this post made me homesick for Greece. I used to go to the farm and pick all sorts branches from trees that I would use to decorate the house with. I remember one year during Christmas time someone had cut down branches from their pine tree and we grabbed them and took them home. The house smelled like a pine forest for weeks.


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