forage friday: milkweed?

This Chump maybe stumped.... it's Forage Friday... I'm not 100% sure what plant this is.... I'm thinking it's a Milkweed. What is milkweed? Milkweed is named for its latex, a milky substance that comes out of the cut stems. Most species are toxic. Asclepias L., the milkweeds, is an American genus of herbaceous perennial, dicotyledonous … Continue reading forage friday: milkweed?

forage friday: daisies

Last week I worked real hard a gathering my forage, not. I walked right out the front door with my dollar store scissors….. snip… snip...  snip. Voila! They look happy! After a week since I cut them, most of these daisies are still looking pretty good. You can often find them roadside or in naturalized … Continue reading forage friday: daisies

forage friday: sweet clover

    So we have a few Forage Fridays under our belt. We are driving forward with last week’s fun forage with a plant that grows in almost every continent. So, it’s easy for you to find.  It’s growing on every roadside and empty lot unless you are in the Antarctic. I use my picnic … Continue reading forage friday: sweet clover

what I have been up to, 30′ of flowers & a peek of wedding photos

For months I've been working on my niece's wedding. It's been a ton of fun making it special for her and saving lots of money. Just  a quick post of some photos I've  been sharing on Instagram  of the 30 ft. backdrop for The Sparkling Royale Place Wedding.     Yes, those are handcrafted flowers I made from … Continue reading what I have been up to, 30′ of flowers & a peek of wedding photos