Soup it up: yummy!

Ahh, we’re done, except for the putting it, all away. Everyone knows that feeling you get when the event is over. And I’m definitely feeling it now. This year I just wanted to have fun at Soup It Up and I truly had fun. Soup It Up?  It’s a great little fundraiser for Minot’s Taube … Continue reading Soup it up: yummy!

new art towels

I thought I'd show you some of the towels I just completed for the Taube Art Sale. I was thinking of calling them my "Art" series since they seem to all have the same mood.       And this is my "Fluffy Bird" series..... We have tons of little birds around the nut house, mostly … Continue reading new art towels

what I’m thankful for or dirt gets under your fingernails

  I’m thankful I’ve had such a fulfilling year. Work has continued on the nut house both the business side and “the making of our home”.   The rooms are getting ever closer to getting done even though there are so many half done projects throughout the house. The dining room has looked like a furniture … Continue reading what I’m thankful for or dirt gets under your fingernails

gone brick and mortar

Good Things - Cedarville CA

I’m sure some of you have been asking “where can I get the nut house co. products?” You haven’t, well, I’m going to tell you anyway because I’m so excited we’ve gone “Brick and Mortar”! Well, at least gone “Old Wood and Tin”. What I’m I talking about? “Brick and Mortar” means in a real … Continue reading gone brick and mortar

surprise art show

Surprise art show? The Art Show wasn't  unforeseen or unannounced. It is in Surprise Valley, California. This out of the way Valley is beautiful, uncrowded, almost magical. The Art Show has less than 10 vendors every year but tons of foot traffic. Held in the Rose Garden of the Country Hearth Restaurant and Bakery the … Continue reading surprise art show