So yes, we've been AWOL. We are working on the house anytime we're not sleeping. Well it seems that way. Why, because company is coming, in May. Hubby is interested in putting the best foot forward as far as the house goes. He's not interested in editing any of my post... for right now at least.  I'm tired of … Continue reading

white cabinet: affordable metal top

Metal counter top, DIY alternative to stainless steel. Tips and tricks to give you fantastic results.

feeling lost about what's going on? catch up on the white cabinet posts: I love buying junk! salvaged cabinet continues the top! This was supposed to be a quick easy project (aren't they all?). Just clean and repaint an old kitchen cabinet turning it into a potting bench…. but then, the “Epiphany".  They always get … Continue reading white cabinet: affordable metal top

thrift store bulletin board makeover

Things often get lost in the shuffle around here at The Nut House, projects started and not completed, organized but junked up again, supplies and materials bought and never used but waiting for other things to come together. Like a bee hive, things get done but they might not make sense to an outside eye. … Continue reading thrift store bulletin board makeover

the technical post about fencing

  Hello everyone out there. I am Kevin, the Hubby of the Nuthouse Creator and head instigator, Lorin, and this is my debut post. I am also known as the procrastinator. I am really a Johnny-on-the-spot person when it comes to helping others or my full time job. When it comes to the domestic work … Continue reading the technical post about fencing

not gardening, but fencing

    When we got back from the wedding all I wanted to do was work on gardening, spring had sprung like a vengeance up here. In the southern states, even in the mountains, spring picks it way along like a school kid walking home knowing that they have a ton of chores waiting for … Continue reading not gardening, but fencing