peace garden tour pt.1

international peace garden tour pt.1

I know summer is over…      we can certainly feel that winter is coming… I thought I’d share some photos from our summer adventure of visiting the International Peace Garden.     The International Peace Garden is at the heart and Centre of the Great Plains. The park is in North Dakota, USA and Manitoba, Canada.  It … Continue reading peace garden tour pt.1

forage friday: daisies

Last week I worked real hard a gathering my forage, not. I walked right out the front door with my dollar store scissors….. snip… snip...  snip. Voila! They look happy! After a week since I cut them, most of these daisies are still looking pretty good. You can often find them roadside or in naturalized … Continue reading forage friday: daisies

thrift store bulletin board makeover

Things often get lost in the shuffle around here at The Nut House, projects started and not completed, organized but junked up again, supplies and materials bought and never used but waiting for other things to come together. Like a bee hive, things get done but they might not make sense to an outside eye. … Continue reading thrift store bulletin board makeover

color splash & ombre vanity part 2

Part 2 Forever ago, I wrote about the color scheme that I painted the Vanity for the granddaughter, if you missed it shame on you, ha-ha…….  just kidding. Here’s a link for you. color splash & ombre vanity         So let's continue….   stool seat I had some happy colors going on … Continue reading color splash & ombre vanity part 2

quick garden tip: diapers

  One of my best tips for container gardening is diapers, yes, disposable diapers. I'm sure you're thinking… really diapers? What makes a diaper so special? They hold fluid. That will help your plants have a ready supply of water on hot days. Commercial gardeners have been using the same crystal ingredients that are found … Continue reading quick garden tip: diapers