not gardening, but fencing



When we got back from the wedding all I wanted to do was work on gardening, spring had sprung like a vengeance up here. In the southern states, even in the mountains, spring picks it way along like a school kid walking home knowing that they have a ton of chores waiting for them. It warms up then cools down, repeat, repeat. It does the same here but for the plants not much changes for them with the temperature going between -20 degrees to +20 degrees. In North Dakota, sometime in May is seems like we turn on a big switch and its now spring, almost summer. So again knowing there is a small window for planting I wanted to get things moving with the yard….. of mice & men, of mice & men.

However, those plans got derailed by the removal of an RV trailer, which has been stored in the back yard for years. A LARGE RV trailer in the back yard.  There used to be two RV trailers that took up most of the back yard. Here’s the best part of this rambling story I get to show you pictures of the trailers we lived in when we were first remodeling the nut house. …… okay, are you lost?

In 2011 we moved here because my husband was offered a job after work on the west coast kept getting harder and harder to get in the large construction field…… so instead of going west young man it was go east old farts.  In our 5th wheel trailer to the Bakken oil fields we went…. with a gazillion others …..then hubby’s best friend shows up & needs a job, he sleeps on trailer floor….bam, huge flood… no housing ….. winter is coming….  trailer parks are closing…..winter is coming …. we buy flooded house…. winter is coming…. move 2 trailer in because daughter and family need a job and housing….winter is coming! We ended 2011 in The Nut House’s backyard with 2 trailers, 5 adults & 3 kids.

Now I get to brag about the hubby and his trailer parking abilities and how he shoehorned in these 2 trailers in the backyard. Check out these photos.

Fall 2011

north side


south side



back side where the trailers met


Fast forward

The trailer was getting moved out….. yay!!! But my hoard of old boards and crap will be exposed & a neighbor was just written up for old stuff leftover from the flood. Yikes!

We went into fence building mode and out of gardening mode right quick. And here’s where I expose the dirty semi-secret hoard of boards that everyone or nearly everyone wants me to pitch and the fence that hides them.


It’s nothing, no big deal ….right? I’m sure you have seen way worse junk piles. I have plans for these boards, the left over fencing and pallets. If I can just get the house painted and the 5 million other things on the list done…….


So remember be flexible, yours isn’t the only timeline out there, many crazy, nutty & wonderful things can happen if you are open to them and are flexible enough to seize the opportunity.






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