I’m bringing baking back

My fantastic niece. I’m so excited that she is going to give blogging another try, even if I’m on a diet!


I hope as you read that title you instantly hummed Justin Timberlake’s sexy back because I definitely did!

It’s been quite some time since I have been in the blogging/baking game so lets do a brief update post to bring you up to speed on what’s going on over here. Since my last post, I have since had two BEAUTIFUL children and recently achieved my dream career of  STAY AT HOME MOM (insert tears of joy and hair pulling for being home with two littles). Brief enough? 🙂

Being a SAHM was something I never thought would happen for us, but since our son (the newest of the two beautiful children) was born with a condition known as SYNDACTYLY, I have since resigned to stay home to ensure he remains healthy for his remaining surgeries and to care for him while he recovers. Fortunately, he has a minor case that 

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