my phone is resting in peace

My phone may have to RIP. It won’t boot up past the logo.

This is very sad.


I lost it off the bumper of the old Suzuki between my Mom’s and my brother place and still found it out in the rocks and sage brush, years ago. It was still alive.


It has fallen down 2 flights of stairs and many times off ladders, counter-tops, beds, nightstands, etc.


The day after Cassie’s wedding I lost it at the Klamath Fall’s Walmart…   just to get it back in a few days.

on the road by Big Sky MT


It traveled back and forth on many, many…     oh so many trips as my only companion playing audio books to keep me awake across state after state (not like Rhode Island but Montana and California).


It was there to document ideas with sketches and measurements for the house, weddings, prom, paintings, projects, etc.

Lewis River


The calendar to remind me to put the trash out,        …but never to get me anywhere on time.


The lists: shopping, to do, plants to buy, things to make, endless…

Lilies at the nut house


The flashlight to find hats and gloves under the seat at the movies, to light the way to a tent camping, or to find something lost, late at night, in the car.


The weather to know how many layers to wear or if I could paint in the morning outside.


Yellowstone geysers

The calculator because creative people can tell you how to find the answer, they just don’t bother remembering their times tables.


Games, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, the things to keep me busy while being stuck waiting for others or just chilling.

glacier park

Internet for blog reading, funny blogs, serious blogs, DIY, crafts, painting, wedding…


Netflix for staying in guestrooms late at night and not wanting to disturb anyone.


U-tube for a watercolor or oil painting videos or the piano guys

Yellowstone Park

Google for when spell check fails me, image searches, synonyms, fact checks to win a bets, recipes for when I might cook or bake, artist’s paintings, author’s books, shopping …


Google Maps to find the next town with a gas station and fast food, someone’s house, the gardens for the secret garden tour…

secret garden tour


Messages back and forth, forth and back: ETA’s, LOL’s, pickup kids, get broccoli, group notification waking me up, births, wedding planning, engagements …deaths.

Lake Tahoe


Radio while painting, gardening, cleaning, painting, painting…


The photos….. good deals to remember, parts, the ocean, trees, kids, mountains, valleys, fields, fires, again endless…

Northern Cal. Coast


If you know me well, you’ll know I rarely called anyone.

7 thoughts on “my phone is resting in peace

  1. I can picture you doing all of those things and had to laugh when I got to the last line. So true. Why did that remind me of grandma Rain???


    1. Carol my hubby read my post and went off and order the exact same phone 😉 here is hoping I can get as many years out of it as the old one. I want to try some blue tooth ear buds so maybe the phone won’t keep falling out of my overall pockets when I’m working listen to the radio.


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