Soup it up: yummy!

Ahh, we’re done, except for the putting it, all away. Everyone knows that feeling you get when the event is over. And I’m definitely feeling it now. This year I just wanted to have fun at Soup It Up and I truly had fun. Soup It Up?  It’s a great little fundraiser for Minot’s Taube Art Museum.

This year it was held in the Museum.  Local artisans setup small booths of their wares amid the art displays. Ok, you say but where does the soup coming in? Soup is donated by the local restaurants and ladled up to the participants.

taube soup it up
the nut house display at the Taube Art Museum

Hubby really likes this event too.  He tries every soup and his top favorites were The Deconstructed Reuben from the Magic City Hoagies Sandwich Shop and Chicken and Wild Rice from 10th North Main. He likes all the soups. I as a picky eater, I have to be honest cheddar broccoli just isn’t my thing so, it’s great that they were so many kinds to enjoy.

hand painted dish towels
hand painted dish towels on display

I got to meet some of the nut house customers from the Christmas fundraiser. At that fundraiser, I just setup the display with products and then the museum staff did the selling for a whole month. For me it was fun to meet people who have purchased my stuff before plus meeting new people.

There were some amazing pieces on display. Mostly from local artisans creating in a huge variety of mediums; glass, fiber, clay, watercolor, leather, mix-medium, pen and ink, wood, etc.  If you know any artist who needs some exposure this is a great event.

the earth laughs in flowers
the earth laughs in flowers shopping bag

I go a little crazy with the display, so it’s always great to have help setting up from The Hubby both before and after. I got as much product on display that I could whip up in a few weeks. So the blog kinda took a back seat this week. Hopefully I will get back on track, check Facebook and Instagram for more details of what’s going on with the nuts at the nut house.

create the things you wish existed
create the things you wish existed shopping bag
work apron
work apron for gardeners


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